Alvin Martin Biography: Whoopi Goldberg's First Husband – Is He Still Alive?

Alvin Martin Biography: Whoopi Goldberg’s First Husband – Is He Still Alive?

Alvin Martin is best known as the first husband of the renowned American actor, comedian, author, and television personality Whoopi Goldberg. Their marriage and the challenges they faced have often been discussed due to Goldberg’s status as a famous face. Although Alvin Martin is successful in his field as a drug counselor, he gained wider recognition after marrying Whoopi Goldberg and for helping her during a difficult period in her life.

Alvin Martin’s Biography – Early Life and Career

Alvin Louise Martin met Goldberg when she was dealing with drug addiction, and he worked as a drug counselor. Details about his early life, including his birth year, remain largely unverified in public records. It’s notable that many individuals who marry famous faces often choose to remain anonymous for various reasons.

Alvin’s Marriage to Whoopi Goldberg

Alvin Martin played a significant role in Goldberg’s life when she was dealing with drug addiction. They maintained a professional relationship initially, with Martin believing Goldberg was going through a phase in life that needed support. It was not long before Alvin and Goldberg started dating and eventually got married in 1973. During the course of their marriage, they had a daughter named Alexandrea Martin, also known as Alex Martin, in the same year. However, they got divorced in 1979 after being married for six years.

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Challenges Faced by Martin and Goldberg

The couple faced various challenges during their marriage. Alvin Martin, known for being a drug counselor, helped Goldberg overcome her problems with drugs. On several occasions, Goldberg has been open about her struggles with drugs during that period. Although they never mentioned why they had to go their separate ways, it’s likely her drug addiction contributed to the strain on their relationship.

Where is Alvin Martin Now? Is He Still Alive?

After their divorce, there isn’t much information about his whereabouts. Although he is known for his profession, his relationship with Goldberg, and their daughter Alexandrea Martin, he might have retired from his job as a drug counselor. For the record, yes, he is very much still alive. He is probably retired and enjoying his retirement.

How Many Children Does Whoopi Goldberg Have?

Whoopi Goldberg and her ex-husband Alvin Louise Martin share a daughter named Alexandrea Martin. Today, Goldberg and Martin are grandparents after their daughter’s marriage to Bernard Dean. Alexandrea Martin and Bernard Dean have three children: Amarah Dean, Jerzey Dean, and Mason Dean.

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How Much is Alvin Louise Martin’s Net Worth?

Alvin Martin’s net worth is not publicly available. Although he was married to one of the richest Black American comedians and television personalities, Whoopi Goldberg, his financial status remains private. When Whoopi was asked who was going to inherit her properties and $60 million net worth, she mentioned transferring everything to her daughter Alexandrea (watch video here).

According to (celebritynetworth), Whoopi Goldberg has a net worth of approximately $60 million. Their daughter, Alexandrea Martin, who is an actress and producer, has an estimated net worth of approximately $4 million.

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Final Thoughts

Alvin Martin played a significant role in Goldberg’s life, especially during her early years when she faced drug addiction. Although their marriage did not last, they had a daughter who has also made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Martin’s story, though less publicized, is a part of Goldberg’s journey and the challenges they faced together.

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